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Published on May 29th, 2014 | by Drew G.



Written by: John Langeler, May 29, 2014  LINK

SEATTLE — From their home in Toronto, brothers Adam and Andrew Gray knew the story of Colton Harris-Moore needed to be told in film.

“Initially what intrigued most people was that he was stealing airplanes,” said Adam Gray, “He’s a hardened criminal on the run.  He’s some poor kid who’s dealt with abuse.  In the end, he’s this mysterious character.”

The Gray brothers co-directed “Fly Colt Fly: The Legend of The Barefoot Bandit”, a documentary featuring interviews and animation to recreate the two-year crime spree of Colton Harris-Moore.

“We’re never going to know what was behind that smirk that we all had to look at in the paper everyday for two years,” explained Andrew Gray.

“We’ve tried to make a film that is about the legend,” brother Adam continued, “It was about how he became more than just a kid.”

The film premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival Thursday night, and is being screened again Saturday.

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