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Published on July 4th, 2014 | by Drew G.


Why People Rooted for Colton Harris-Moore [PART 2 of 3]

3.) A Rich Backstory: Colton Harris-Moore’s reputation and rap sheet grew steadily throughout his teens.  By the time Colt had made national news at age 18 in 2009 for stealing airplanes there were already dozens of local and Seattle news stories about him online to dig into as readers waited to hear about the latest manhunt.

4.) Sympathetic Underdog: During the first of several community meetings on Camano Island about ‘the Colton problem’ many expressed sympathy for the young troublemaker because he was poor, had a tough childhood, and hadn’t shown signs of a violent temperament.  Those sentiments were reiterated in online forums after news broke that the kid chasing a dream of flying had succeeded in teaching himself how to fly.

Teenage Fugitive Crime Spree5.) A Defining Image: The first big news story about Colton Harris-Moore followed a car chase he had with police in his neighbour’s Mercedes.  After Colton jumped out of the moving car (which slammed into a propane tank) and escaped on foot, Island County deputies recovered his backpack.  It was stuffed with stolen property, including a stolen camera from which they recovered several photos Colton had taken of himself in the ferns of the Camano Island forest near his mother’s trailer.  This selfie became the defining image of the Barefoot Bandit and accompanied nearly every news story to follow.

wanted_poster6.) Serialized in the Media: Media of all kinds followed the Colton Harris-Moore story for several years, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. TV Stations such as KOMO, KIRO, KING, and news outlets like the Daily Herald of Everett and the Seattle Times, reported on Colton almost weekly.  Major magazines such as Time, Outside, Maxim, GQ, and Rolling Stone did features with colourful artwork and wide promotion.  There were literally hundreds of news stories online, in print, and on television.  From Facebook to Fox News,  the Barefoot Bandit was a fixture on TV, computer screens, and newsstands for years.

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