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Published on July 7th, 2014 | by Drew G.


Why People Rooted for Colton Harris-Moore [PART 3 of 3]

7.) Great Escapes: The legend of the Barefoot Bandit began with Colton Harris-Moore escaping from a juvenile facility and developed into an epic cat-and-mouse chronicle of the young fugitive’s run from the law, eluding capture for over 2 years.  Sting operations, manhunts, bounty hunter searches, and the best efforts of the FBI and Homeland Security revealed little more than bare footprints in the mud.

photo-148.) Taunting Authorities: Colton Harris-Moore left a number of notes along the trail, presumably just to annoy the authorities and amuse news readers.  Most famously, Colt drew 39 chalk footprints on the floor of an organic grocery store he burgled on Orcas Island and wrote “C-YA!” by the door.  Months later he drew a giant footprint on an Orcas bridge before stealing a getaway boat and starting a month-long car-stealing tour of rural American airports.  Colton’s mother Pam Kohler saw this particular “calling card” as a message to her that he was okay.

9.) A Dramatic Climax: After flying a stolen airplane from Indiana to the Bahamas, surviving a week in the sweltering July heat in the bush, Colton was in 2 separate high speed boat chases before his engines were finally shot out and he was captured.

10.) Books, Music, Movies: After outlaws are removed from the media spotlight it is the movies, books, and music their notoriety inspires that will determine the longevity of their story and “Folk Hero” status.  Beyond the feature documentary Fly Colt Fly: Legend of the Barefoot Bandit (2014) there are also three books about Colton Harris-Moore, numerous songs, and a major motion picture in development at 20th Century Fox.

Stay tuned to the Fly Colt Fly Blog for more interesting facts about Colton Harris-Moore!

Colt takes a big turn in Bahamas boat chase Fly Colt Fly


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