Bahamas Banditry

Stolen Cessna Corvalis in Bahamas swamp / ProsecutorsPlane Crash

July 4, 2010, Colton Harris-Moore flies south 1,200 miles to the Bahamas and crash-lands in a swamp about 5 miles from the southern tip of Great Abaco Island.

Andrew Gray / Fly Colt FlyGas Station

July 5, 2010, Colton Harris-Moore soon makes his way through the swamp to Sandy Point, where he finds this gas station. Colt helps himself to chips, gatorade, and cash.

Curly Tails restaurant surveillance footage / Alister McDonaldSUV Stolen

July 5, 2010, Colt breaks into a vacant house in Sandy Point and steals an SUV. He drives to Marsh Harbour and breaks into a restaurant where he is recorded by video surveillance cameras.

Stolen Marsh Harbour Sundancer / TowboatusftlauderdaleBoat Stolen

July 5, 2010, Colt steals a beautiful 44’ Sundancer from the Marsh Harbour restaurant and goes to Harbour Island where he beaches it on a reef known as the Devil’s Backbone. He writes his name in the sand and heads on into Dunmore Town.

Stolen Whaler / Jordan SackettBoat Stolen

July 10 2010, Colt steals a small boat from Harbour Island and gets in a chase with reward seekers.

Colt captured on surveillance camera / Jordan SackettFoot Chase

July 11 2010, Colt docks the skiff at the Ramora Bay resort and is chased into the bushes by a security guard. He waits for hours to make his move.

Stolen Intrepid / eBayBoat Stolen

July 11 2010, Colt sneaks down to the harbour and slips into the water. He finds a boat and tries to make his getaway with police on his tail. He hits a sand bar and is confronted by armed police.

Bandit loaded onto cart / Jordan SackettCapture and Extradition

July 11 2010, Colt is captured unharmed and hauled back to the Ramora Bay resort. He is soon shipped to Nassau for a media parade and a mostly ceremonial extradition hearing. Within days Colton Harris-Moore is flown back to the United States.