Island Hopping

Ted Warren / Associated PressStolen Car

July 17, 2008, Colt steals his neighbour’s Mercedes (not pictured) and is chased by police. He leaps out and lets it crash into a propane tank.

Capt. Richard J. Rodriguez / BitterEndStolen Boat

July 24 2008, a boat is stolen from Camano Island and discovered in Westsound, Orcas Island.

MrWashington (Reddit ID) / RedditStolen Bike

In August 2008, a Gary Fisher mountain bike (not pictured) is stolen from the home of a local resident and discovered at another crime scene by a returning home owner. The Police locked it in their evidence room, but overnight Colton broke into the police station, stole it back and returned it to the first residence. That resident had noted his upcoming vacation on his calendar. When he left for his trip, the bicycle disappeared again. The following year, during the Bandit’s 2009 Orcas crime spree, a Gary Fisher is stolen from a local Orcas bicycle store.

Rick Dahms / AOPA MagazineStolen Plane

November 11, 2008, Colt steals his first airplane. The $175,000 Cessna 182 is discovered destroyed 600 kilometers away in a field in Yakima.

Jennifer Brennock / Islands SounderStolen Boat

August 6, 2009, Colt steals a boat from La Conner and runs it aground in Eastsound, Orcas Island.

Andrew Gray / Fly Colt FlyStolen Boat

JSeptember 8, 2009, Colton takes an Orcas fishing boat to Friday Harbor

Government’s Sentencing MemorandumStolen Plane

September 11, 2009, Colt steals a $700,000 Cirrus SR22 with Garmin G-1000 controls from Friday Harbor and flies back to Orcas Island.

Government’s Sentencing MemorandumStolen Boat

September 13, 2009, Colt steals a boat from Orcas and goes to Point Roberts. After a few burglaries, Colt crosses the border into British Columbia, Canada.

Government’s Sentencing MemorandumStolen Cars & Plane

Colton signs a rock on the beach, sneaks into Canada, steals a BMW, steals a couple of handguns from an airport in Creston, steals a Toyota, crosses into Idaho, flies a $375,000 Cessna to Granite Falls, Washington.

Government’s Sentencing MemorandumStolen Plane

February 11, 2010, Colt steals a $650,000 Cirrus SR22 from Anacortes, flies through Olympic airspace, and lands back on Orcas, causing little damage. Police, however, destroy it dusting for prints.

Andrew Gray / Fly Colt FlyStolen Boat

May 13, 2010, Colt steals a boat from Deer Harbor, Orcas Island and leaves it on San Juan Island.

Law Enforcement / Islands SounderStolen Boat

May 14, 2010, Colt takes a San Juan boat to Lopez where cameras catch him stealing another boat.

Andrew Gray / Fly Colt FlyStolen Boat

May 15, 2010, Colt steals a Lopez boat and pilots it to Camano Island, where he leaves it adrift.