Colton Harris-Moore

Name:   Colton Harris-Moore, The Barefoot Bandit
Height:   6’5”   Weight: 200   Born:   March 22, 1991
Home:   Camano Island, WA   Jail:   Stafford Creek
Modus Operandi:   Runner, burglar, airplane thief
Daily Specials:   Outrunning middle-aged cops,
silent entries, skylights, deadbolts, dog whispering,
identity theft, hotdogs, bankrupting independent
businesses, making news, pissing off communities,
bicycles, any car or boat, single-engine aircraft

Can you imagine teaching yourself how to fly an airplane by stealing one from a small airport in the middle of the night and just going for it? How about doing so as an unschooled teenager living in the woods and running from the cops? That’s what Colton Harris-Moore did, and he didn’t even need shoes.

A brilliant and troubled serial burglar, Colton escaped a juvenile detention facility in 2008, beginning a chase with authorities unlike any in history. Colt left more than 100 crimes in his wake, including several stolen boats, cars, even 5 stolen airplanes! The “Barefoot Bandit” is a new breed of outlaw folk hero - a pure fugitive, a runner.

Colt remained free for more than 2 years, with the FBI and Mounties tracking him with dogs, SWAT teams, and Black Hawk choppers. 90,000 fans from around the world cheered the teenager on through Facebook. Numerous songs celebrated his criminal activities; book and movie deals were made even before his capture, and his face was probably in every major newspaper in the country.

At the time of his capture in the summer of 2010, Colton Harris-Moore was the most famous teen outlaw in the world.  Though non-violent, Colton Harris-Moore’s name will go down in history with the likes of John Dillinger and Billy The Kid.