The Early Years

Enter “The Early Years” Barefoot Bandit online comic book to read about Colt’s childhood running wild on Camano Island. This speculative adventure is a prelude to the documentary film Fly Colt Fly: Legend of the Barefoot Bandit. The illustrations were originally created as storyboards for the film.

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Writing: Gray Brothers
Art Direction: Sam Chou
Drawings: Style5
Colour: Andrew Gray

visitseattle.orgCamano Island, Island County, Washington

Camano is a small scenic drive-to island, 2 hours from Seattle in an area known as Puget Sound.

Associated Press/Kevin P. CaseyColton Harris-Moore’s Childhood Home

Colt’s mother Pam has lived in this trailer in the woods for more than twenty years.

Bonus Footage from “Fly Colt Fly”Pamela Kohler, “Barefoot Running

Colt’s mother Pam explains why her son began running through the woods without his shoes.

Beverly DavisColt’s Dog Melanie

Colt loves his dog Melanie. They’ve had many adventures together. She still lives with his mom.

Bonus Footage from “Fly Colt Fly”Rana Rennels, “Airplane Crazy”

Colton Harris-Moore’s classmate Rana talks about his obsession with airplanes.

Facebook CommentBullied on the Bus

After the story of the Barefoot Bandit became an internet sensation in 2009, someone on the Colton Harris -Moore Facebook Fan Club shared a memory about riding the school bus with Colt.

Bonus Footage from “Fly Colt Fly”Geoff Davis, “Dream of Flying”

Camano resident Geoff Davis talks about his young friend Colt’s dream of learning to fly.

State Department of CorrectionsGordon Moore

These booking photos of Colt’s biological father Gordon Moore are from 1999 and 2010 (estimate).

Bonus Footage from “Fly Colt Fly”Pam Kohler, “A Journeyman”

Colton Harris-Moore’s mother Pamela Kohler talks about his biological father, Gordon Moore.

Forensic Psychological Evaluation of Colton Harris-Moore: Denton W. Young, Ph.D.BBQ Incident

A publicly released 2007 psychological evaluation of Colton Harris-Moore describes some of the abuse that he endured in his troubled childhood and makes reference to the traumatic day he watched his father disappear.

Bonus Footage from “Fly Colt Fly”Beatrice and Leroy Dahl, “Pork Chops and Pie”

Camano residents talk about their young barefoot neighbour’s early food raids.

Bonus Footage from “Fly Colt Fly”Reuben Cortez, “The Trailer Raid”

Colt’s neighbour on Camano talks about discovering that his trailer had been raided.

Bonus Footage from “Fly Colt Fly”Lt. Chris Ellis, “He Stole Odd Things”

Retired Camano Island Police Lt. Chris Ellis describes Colt’s unusual burglary tendencies.

Bonus Footage from “Fly Colt Fly”Lt. Chris Ellis, “The Pizza Sting”

Retired Camano Island Police Lt. Chris Ellis describes a crafty way they once captured Colton Harris-Moore.

Bonus Footage from “Fly Colt Fly”Harley Davidson Ironwing, “Young Outlaws”

Colton’s friend Harley talks about their criminal partnership.

Bonus Footage from “Fly Colt Fly”Jackson Holtz, “Online Survival Shopping”

Journalist Jackson Holtz describes Colton’s method of online identity fraud.

Bonus Footage from “Fly Colt Fly”Lt. Chris Ellis, “The Mailbox Game”

Colton used a fake mailbox to collect fraudulent online orders, prompting a police stakeout.

Bonus Footage from “Fly Colt Fly”Harley Davidson Ironwing, “Working with Colt”

Harley talks about how he and Colton chose the right houses to break in to.

Bonus Footage from “Fly Colt Fly”Lt. Chris Ellis, “The Standoff”

Lt. Ellis talks about Colton’s 2007 capture on Camano Island.